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Benefits of Chia Bia Seeds for Energy!


Chia is known as, ‘the endurance food of ancient cultures’; when the Aztecs went on marches they brought pouches of chia seeds that they used to sustain themselves. The Tarahumara tribe, famous ancient long-distance runners, also found benefits of powerful chia seed for energy and endurance!

Chia is packed with complex carbs that the body needs for energy. A 15g serving of chia has 3g of complex carbs which slowly releases energy into the body making it ideal for long periods of exertions during a match, long-distance run or epic cycle like the Tour de France!

Chia seeds benefits for athletes

Chia Bia ambassador, Tour de France cyclist Sam Bennett

Tour de France cyclist, Sam Bennett told us, ‘the biggest mistake I find is that people eat food with poor nutritional value, the body doesn’t get what it needs and therefore craves more. That’s where Chia Bia seeds come in great!  I recently got a nutri-ninja and get a lot of fruit in the morning with Chia Bia seed included of course! I have actually stopped having coffee to wake up. I get more of a kick with my smoothie and it last so much longer!

The energy that Chia Bia provides is released slowly because a physical barrier is formed to slow the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar, therefore providing a sustained energy supply for longer. Chia seeds benefit the body by delivering maximum nutrients with minimum calories and also promotes digestion, energy and endurance.

 Other nutrients needed for optimal fitness like essential fatty acids, protein, Omega 3 and antioxidants can be found in Chia Bia but with no hidden sugars.

Sam told us’ ‘Another way I use chia seed is for recovery. The anti-oxidants in the seeds can counteract the training effect on the body so I find it important to use 3 hours before and 3 after a cycle.’

Chia Seeds Health Benefits

Furthermore Chia Bia is hydrophilic so it creates a gel in the stomach during endurance events and slowly releases water in to the body helping to prolong hydration. Hydration is one of the main challenges for those who participate in endurance sports & Chia Bia is fantastic for this as it keeps the body hydrated over long periods of time.

Health Benefits of chia seedsWe asked Sam Bennett if he has a top training tip for endurance sports like cycling, triathlons or running. Sam said, ‘The body loves a solid structure, which ends up being a more controlled environment for training and performing your best. eat, sleep and train at the same time each day. Also ensure that you are getting as much nutrition as possible into the body with regards to fruit, vegetables and Chia Bia seeds.’

Sam’s Tour de France campaign has come to an end, he did an amazing job and here at Chia Bia HQ we are so proud of our awesome ambassador.

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