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Baking Recipes


Almond & Raspberry Chia Muffins

Almond & Raspberry Chia Muffins Dairy free vegan Almond and Raspberry Chia Muffins by Monika of  The number of…

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Chia Seed Flour Pancakes

This is a super easy and super nutritious pancake recipe using our Chia Seed Flour. This chia seed flour pancakes…

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Chia Seed Flour – Another First For The Market!

We are very excited to launch our Chia Seed Flour online this week! Chia Seed Flour is an easy way…

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Four Seed Wholemeal Bread & White Chia Spiced Plum Jam

Toast with jam is up there on on our list of favourite breakfast! It’s easy to make and tastes great…

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Banana Chia Bread – Jenny’s Munch

Banana Chia Bread Having friends over for coffee? Or need a treat for your lunch box? Try my delicious banana…

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Fruity Chia Tray Bake (Dairy Free Bake)

Fruity Chia Tray Bake (Dairy Free Bake) Food allergies have become much more prevalent in recent years, and a common…

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Chia Bia Brown Soda Bread – National Bread Week!

It’s National Bread Week and to celebrate we want to share one of our favourite bread recipes with you. As…

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Banana Chia Bia Muffin

Banana and Chia Bia Muffins

Banana and Chia bia Muffins – a delicious, nutritious snack that will make a perfect addition to your lunch box,…

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Chia Bia Brown Soda Bread

We all know that soup is a great winter warmer, so what about a delicious healthy Chia bia brown soda…

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