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Pan-fried Brie Toastie with a Tomato & Chia Relish

Pan-fried Brie Toastie with a Tomato & Chia Relish

A sweet tomato & chia relish pairs perfectly with this indulgent toastie. Not only do the chia seeds give the relish a nutritional boost, but their properties aids in setting it. The relish will keep in the fridge for up to a week.



600g mixture of ripe tomatoes

75g caster sugar

2 cloves garlic, crushed

150mls apple cider vinegar

Salt and freshly ground pepper

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

Dash of tabasco sauce

2tbsp chia seed


2 slices of thick white bread


50g Brie



  1. Add the tomatoes, sugar, garlic and cider vinegar to a medium sized saucepan. Season with a little salt and pepper.
  2. Turn up the heat. Bring to the boil then reduce the heat, and simmer for 30 minutes, stirring every few minutes, squashing some of the tomatoes as you stir. Add the Worcestershire sauce and a dash of tabasco sauce. Stir to combine.
  3. Take off the heat. Stir through the chia seeds and allow to cool slightly, before pouring into sterilised pots. Once cooled, pop in the fridge. This relish will keep for one week.
  4. Butter the slices of bread. Slice the brie and place on the unbuttered side of one slice of bread. Put the second slice of bread on top, buttered side out. Place a frying pan over a medium heat. Once the pan is hot, place the sandwich on the pan, pressing down with a fish slice, for 2-3 minutes on each side, until golden brown and the cheese is melting.
  5. Cut in half and enjoy with a large dollop the tomato & chia relish on the side.
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