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Chia Bia is very proud to be involved in sponsorship on a local and national level. We provide sponsorship and funding to help both individuals & teams achieve their goals, and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Grow HQ & GIY


We are delighted to join the Grow HQ ‘Grow Circle’ and become a sponsor of GIY. GROW HQ, is the home of the GIY movement, it opened in Waterford in September 2016, creating over 20 jobs and helping GIY to support over 100,000 people each year to live healthier and more sustainably by growing some of their own food. This sponsorship ties closely with our mission to help people live healthier lives and we look forward to working together for the next three years.

Niall Tuohy 

Chia Bia Athlete Niall Tuohy

Niall is an International 800m athlete, Sports Science Graduate and Medical Student at University Of Limerick. Chia Bia are supporting Niall as he takes a year out of his medical studies, to pursue his hopes of representing Ireland in the 2016 Summer Olympics Games in Rio.

Here's what Niall says about Chia Bia 

“I am an 800 metre runner, when I was on a scholarship in the States in 2009 I sustained a very severe injury; I had nerve entrapment in both of my feet called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.  The injury required peripheral nerve surgery and I had a lot of pain with it. I was told that I would never be able to run again. That forced me to think about the different way that the body can heal itself and especially about nutrition.

The recovery from those surgeries required a lot of nerve regeneration but also getting blood flow to those areas so as well as physical mobility exercises I started looking at ways that I could improve the quality of my circulation or blood flow. That would have been when I first came across Chia Bia seeds.

Upon reading about the benefits of Chia Bia seeds I started using them as a drink each day to try to reduce the inflammation and generally improve the blood flow the peripheries of the ankles. I knew that Chia Bia seeds could improve circulation and about their anti-inflammatory effect and also that they contain omega 3 and healthy fats.

Now I also take Chia Bia  seeds as a replacement for sugary sports drinks and unnecessary pick me up snacks. I take Chia Bia seeds in a full glass of water as a low calorie fuel and in my porridge in the morning!

I’m in heavy training at the moment, for the All Ireland Senior Athletics Championships in July. I still get flair ups but considering that I was told that I might need a hip replacement and it was unlikely that I’d ever run again, the world was over for me; I’ve been running well for nearly a year now and the results are going really well.

I am studying Medicine in University Limerick but I have a very holistic view to healing, combining medicine with exercise and nutrition is my philosophy now. Eating clean, natural raw products like Chia Bia seeds is the ideal way to receive nutrients. Make sure you have the right stuff going in is very important and it’s very natural for me to be able to talk about the benefits of Chia Bia to my life."

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