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We Are Sure About SEEDS!

Who Are Chia Bia?

Chia Bia was co – founded by Barrie Rogers in 2009. Barrie discovered the power of chia seeds when he suffered a back injury while on holiday in America and experienced first-hand, the health benefits of chia.

Chia seeds for breakfast

What is Chia?

Chia is a tiny, subtle-tasting seed that can easily be added to food to boost nutrition. It's one of the highest sources of Omega 3 in the world but it's also high in Fibre and a great source of Protein, Vitamins & Minerals.

How Do I Use Chia?

Simply blend, stir or sprinkle chia seeds into your favourite foods & smoothies or browse our recipe section for more inspiration. There is no end to the ways you can incorporate chia into your diet!

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Chia Bia News & Recipes


Chia Seed Flour Pancakes

This is a super easy and super nutritious pancake recipe using our Chia Seed Flour. The recipe serves 3 people! Ingredients: 30g Chia Seed Flour 30g Almond Flour 40g Buckwheat Flour 1/4 tsp Baking Powder 2 Eggs 100ml Milk 1 tbsp Honey Method: Sieve the dry ingredients into a bowl. Beat the eggs until light…
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Chia Seed Flour – Another First For The Market!

We are very excited to launch our Chia Seed Flour online this week! Chia Seed Flour is an easy way to boost nutrition in cooking and baking. Use chia flour as part of the flour required in a recipe to boost nutrition. Chia Seed Flour’s finely milled consistency means the texture works well in the baking…
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‘We Are Sure About Seeds’ and ‘Lilly Higgins Is Sure About Us’

We have been very busy here in Chia Bia HQ working on our latest campaign ‘We Are Sure About Seeds’ and we have teamed up with Irish food writer, TV star and chef Lilly Higgins to officially launch the campaign.     Lilly has long been a fan of Chia Bia and has been using chia…
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Four Seed Wholemeal Bread & White Chia Spiced Plum Jam

Toast with jam is up there on on our list of favourite breakfast! It’s easy to make and tastes great with a cup of tea or coffee. Have you ever tried to make your own loaf and your own jar of jam? Or have you given up before even trying because the recipe seemed too…
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Four Seed Protein Bites – Back to School

Summer is officially over and so are the summer holidays. Days are getting shorter and kids are going back to school. But it’s not all gloom and doom… All the family can have fun and be energised with healthy nutritious foods! Monika of Pepperazzi  has created these guilt free energising treats which are tasty, full of goodness…
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Vegan Chia Smoothie Bowls

VEGAN CHIA SMOOTHIE BOWLS Everyone loves smoothies. They are extremely nutritious, full of flavour and refreshing. You can use your favourite fruit and vegetables or get creative as options are endless. I love experimenting and combining different ingredients each time to discover new flavours. Why not turn these delicious drinks into meals? Smoothie bowls are…
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