Testimonials for Chia Bia chia seeds
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Testimonials for Chia Seeds

Mike Yelverton – winner of Joey Hannon Triathlon 2012:Testimonials chia seeds

Chia Bia is AWESOME!

‘For a high volume sport like Triathlon typically I am training two sometimes three times per day, so my recovery has got to be optimal. I started using Chia seeds at the start of the year in January. Up to this point I had been adding flaxseed or linseed to food for the nutritional benefits of Omega 3s and fibre, by replacing these with Chia seeds I have increased my intake of these major nutrients in the same dose, and gained in my intake of much needed amino acids. The easiest way to take Chia, I find is in my cereal (porridge), yogurt or breads. It’s virtually tasteless; I have also soaked the seeds in juices prior to training sessions and races to use as recovery drinks. In a drink the seeds help me hydrate and postpone fatigue. The Chia bars are very useful and satisfying for training, as a snack prior, during or post long bike or run sessions. I have recommended Chia seeds to my friends who are athletes also, and some who are Gluten sensitive. They too have found it excellent and “easy to take”. Its peace of mind to know that the product is organic and a healthy natural supplement to my diet, and with my sport if I’m expected to perform well I have got to be fuelling myself adequately! You are what you eat.’

 Lesley Butler, Surrey

“I have Chia in my porridge for breakfast and as I am constantly trying to lose weight find that it keeps me fuller longer. Now I put in about a heaped teaspoon in my cereal and again in soup at lunch time. I also put in gravy or mashed potato in the evening. If during the day I feel hungry – especially if I have been to the gym or later in the evening – I add it to a low fat yoghurt and it really does satisfy cravings! You do have to drink more to feel the full benefits of it but I’ve lost 6lbs and hopefully will lose more this week as I am having a concerted effort.”

Emma Marshall

“As a constant ‘office-snacker’, I find the Chia bia bars are a great fix to help beat the 11am and 4pm slump! They keep me going until lunchtime/  hometime and taste delicious too!”

Pat O’ Leary

“Since starting to take chia seeds 2 years ago I no longer require Losec for my stomach.”

Barry Butler

“I’ve been using Chia bia for nearly two months now. I forgot to take the Chia with us when we went away last weekend. We had to go to accident and emergency because I got a cocktail stick stuck in my foot. The nurse took my blood sugar level and it was 10.6. But since trialling Chia it has always been a steady 6.1 with just one or two blips, going up to 7.1 twice. This is very good as I don’t take statins – they don’t agree with me. As soon as we got home we started on the Chia again and my blood sugar has returned to 6.1. I think you can draw your own conclusions!”