If you’re still not convinced about how good Chia Bia really is, then check out the below testimonials!

–  “As a proud chia seed enthusiast, I am a big fan of Chia Bia and their products and use them in all sorts of recipes from smoothies, to desserts to salads. Chia Bia have a fantastic product offering and I would recommend trying them to anyone” Frances Walsh from The Honest Project


– “Amelda and I enjoy using the Chia seeds at home.  It is a delicious and versatile product.” Neven MaGuire, MacNean House & Restaurant


– “I love adding Chia Bia seeds to my ‘proats’ in the morning – a great balance of healthy protein, fat and carbs” Siobhan from OH Fitness OH Fitness

– “Omega 3 is such a powerful nutrient that our body actually can’t make by itself but using Chia Bia products mean you can easily ensure you’re getting all the omega 3 you need plus, added fibre & protein too. I add a dash of Chia Bia to my porridge, yogurt or smoothie in the morning to kick start my day!” Stephanie O’Quigley from SnappedUp


– “Chia Bia’s tasty products fast became a staple of mine since my introduction to them a while ago. If my obsession with their huge variety of flavoured chia seeds isn’t weaved throughout every second blog post of mine, you’re bound to find me tweeting or posting on Instagram about their essential benefits. Chia Bia is fun and versatile and, without a doubt, on the rise.” Ryan Mangan from Endorphin Stew


– “Chia Bia is my go to product for smoothies, baking and on my porridge after training, Chia Bia chia seeds are a must in my cupboard!” Jenny O’Leary from Jenny’s Munch


–  “As the creator of the Freddy Buttons brand, I was delighted to recently collaborate with Chiabia to spread the nutritious news about the humble chia seed. Here at Tumbledown Media, we are passionate about promoting healthier eating choices for children and ChiaBia products are the perfect example of a healthier eating choice that our youngsters can make. Freddy Buttons is a fan!” Fiona Dillon. CEO, Tumbledown Media Ltd

Freddy Buttons Fiona Dillon