Our Consultant Dietician Aveen Bannon has helped explain about the nutrients in chia and why we need them to stay healthy…

Omega 3

Chia seeds are one of the highest plant based sources of Omega 3, providing an impressive 2.7g per serving.



Why do we need Omega 3 in out diet?

It’s an essential fatty acid which the body cannot make so it must be consumed through our diet. A daily serving of Chia provides over 2g of Omega 3 ALA. Omega 3 ALA is proven to maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels, helping to keep your heart healthy.


Chia seeds are the highest source of fibre of all seeds and nuts. Chia contains a massive 5g fibre per serving.



Why do we need Fibre in out diet?

Fibre plays an important role in keeping our digestive system healthy. It cannot be digested and contains no calories, it passes through the body unabsorbed to help the body eliminate waste.

Chia has almost 4 times more fibre than Sunflower Seeds, 5 times more than Pumpkin Seeds and more than double the amount of fibre of nuts. Over 80% of Irish adults are not consuming enough fibre. The recommended daily allowance of fibre is at least 25g and chia provides 5g per serving. So by including 1 serving of chia per day, you’re getting up to 25% of the RDA. Below are some examples of fibre rich foods, have a look and check if your reaching the daily target.

Fibre FoodsC


Chia is a good source of protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids.

In comparison to other plant based sources of protein, Chia contains at least 30% more protein than walnuts, brazil nuts and hazelnuts.



Why do we need protein?

It plays a key role in supporting both the maintenance and growth of muscles. It is also important for bone maintenance and for children’s normal growth and development.

Chia seeds are a great way to boost your protein intake throughout the day. One serving will add a 3g protein boost to your meal. Use as a breakfast topper, add to smoothies, sprinkle on salads or use in baking.